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Employees Values Survey

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A value assessment with all employees by means of a survey conducted online (also accessible via smartphone via QR code). We call this tool “MAWU” (in German) or “EVS” (in English) for short.

In order for value work to succeed sustainably and for ALL, the values of all employees are first determined individually and then systemically summarized. This corresponds to the logic of the TCVS recommended by us.

Short description

An online values survey for all employees of an organization or division.
Including in-depth evaluation by departments/areas/teams as well as graphical and tabular compilation of the results – for example as a word cloud, rankings and comparisons (departments, roles, age, gender, length of service, etc.).
Likewise, we provide recommendations for action for the next steps.

All info pages and examples on values-academy.de

Note: Currently the descriptions are only available in German. We are currently working on the translation of all texts. You are welcome to ask concrete questions directly to Frank: frank.sauer@values-academy.de

General description (benefits and outcomes):

Detailed description including process, structure, recommendations, prices, etc. (password required):

Product page in the new VA area WERTEARBEIT:

Sample MAWU for a demo company (can be flexibly adapted, shortened or extended):

If you have any questions about using it for your own customers, our students or WECO graduates can contact us at any time.

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