ID for a specific value in several languages: ➤ German: Selbstvertrauen ➤ English: self-confidence ➤ Spanish: confianza en sí mismo ➤ Polish: pewność siebie ➤ Czech: sebevědomí ➤ Romanian: încredere în sine ➤ Chinese: 自信 ➤ Portuguese: auto-confiança ➤ Kannada: ಸ್ವ ನಂಬಿಕೆ

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Employees Values Survey

A value assessment with all employees by means of a survey conducted online (also accessible via smartphone via QR code). We call this tool “MAWU” (in German) or “EVS” (in English) for short. In order for value work to succeed sustainably and for ALL, the values of all employees are first determined individually and then […]

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List of Values

Complete list of all value terms (127) defined in the (german) dictionary as overview as well as the most important value systems and synonyms. This list is still in progress. We are currently (since 25. Okt 2019) translating the German terms into English. The goal is to have a complete list of values in English […]

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